Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, May 25, 2020

Carmen Cavanaugh
Expert Ready, LLC

Establishing Employee and Consumer Confidence

New Reopening Resource for Businesses

Tulsa, OK: Expert Ready, LLC today announced Fit-For-Work© , a new product. Fit-For-Work© is a screening software built for businesses and offers a new way for all to build their employee and consumer confidence while adhering to the suggested reopening guidelines.

“With the pandemic changing how we do business, we need to build confidence now more than ever,” says Jon Cavanaugh, CEO at Expert Ready. “Fit-For-Work© is the product that can build that faster.”

Features and benefits of Fit-For-Work© include:

Reduced overhead cost for screening employees.

Storing PHI securely.

Easy to use from mobile (and soon coming app).

Fit-For-Work© is only allowing waitlist sign-ups. Each company incurs a monthly cost starting at $50 for companies with 25 employees or less. For more information on Fit-For-Work©, visit